Module gyroscope 3 axes L3GD20H

L3GD20H 3-Axis Gyroscope

Module gyroscope 3 axes L3GD20H
Adafruit Industries | A-000000-01492
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This breakout board is the latest version of the famous L3GD20 series 3-axis gyroscope by Adafruit: the L3GD20H, incorporating a technology developed by STMicro.
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Overview of the L3GD20H 3-Axis Gyroscope breakout board

A triple-axis gyroscope is a device for measuring angular rotational velocity using 3 different axes: pitch, roll and yaw.

It is therefore an essential tool if you want to measure the exact position and movement of a mobile robot or any other mobile device.

This L3GD20H 3-Axis Gyroscope breakout board is a new and improved version of the L3GD20 and L3GD4200.

It is smaller and consumes less power, but is still compatible with the programming codes used for the L3GD20. The L3GD20H 3-Axis Gyroscope breakout board offers numerous possibilities in terms of settings (3 sensitivity levels, high-pass and low-pass sensor filters).

The chip is equipped with an I2C/SPI interface, allowing you to communicate with all types of microcontrollers.

Note that the chip was initially only 3.3 V compatible, it was therefore integrated into a breakout board equipped with level shifting circuitry so your L3GD20H gyroscope is also compatible with 5 V.

You can therefore use it with your Arduino board by connecting your PCB’s SDA pin to your Arduino’s I2C pin.

Finally, this breakout board is easily integrated into projects thanks to its four 2.1 mm diameter mounting holes, compatible with #2-56 Imperial and M2 screws.

L3GD20H 3-Axis Gyroscope breakout board presentation (3:43)

Possible uses of the Adafruit L3GD20H breakout board

You can use this L3GD20H 3-Axis Gyroscope breakout board in your projects to create different applications, machines and electronic systems, either for leisure or for more complex uses:

  • Gaming and virtual reality devices
  • Motion control with a man-machine interface
  • GPS navigation
  • Robot and mobile platforms


Technical specifications of the L3GD20H Gyroscope

  • Supply voltage: 2.2–3.6 V
  • Operating temperature: -40 to 85 °C
  • Full scale: ±250, ±500 or ±2000 degrees per second
  • Low voltage compatible IOs: 1.8 V
  • Low power consumption
  • Embedded power-down
  • Sleep mode
  • Fast turn-on and wake-up
  • Output data rate: 16 bits
  • Temperature data output: 8 bits
  • Digital output interface: I2C/SPI
  • 2 dedicated lines: 1 interrupt, 1 data ready
  • Integrated high-pass filters
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • Embedded data output FIFO: 32 levels of 16-bit
  • High impact resistance
  • RoHS compliant
  • Dimensions: 30.65 x 19.11 x 3 mm
  • Weight: 2.02 g


Resources for the L3GD20H

The link below will teach you more about your L3GD20H:

Full datasheet for the L3GD20H 3-Axis Gyroscope breakout board

Full datasheet for the L3GD20H 3-Axis Gyroscope breakout board

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