PowerBoost 500 Rechargeable 5 V Shield

PowerBoost 500 Rechargeable 5 V Shield

PowerBoost 500 Rechargeable 5 V Shield
Adafruit Industries | A-000000-01503
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The PowerBoost 500 mA Rechargeable 5 V Shield by Adafruit will significantly (and very simply) increase the portability of all your Arduino projects!
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PowerBoost 500 Rechargeable 5 V Shield

Introduction to the PowerBoost 500 Rechargeable 5 V Shield

Adafruit has come up with the brilliant idea of combining its PowerBoost 500 module with an Arduino-compatible shield powered by a rechargeable battery capable of supplying all your Arduino projects with 500 mA of power, and maximum peaks of 1 A. Beyond this, a fuse will protect your shield from all risk of overload.

The PowerBoost Shield also has a space provided especially for integrating a Li-ion or LiPo battery (ideally 1200 or 2000 mAh, but you can also opt for a 500 mAh battery). Simply plug in a micro USB cable connected to a power source (computer or wall adapter) to charge the battery. When the status indicator LED changes to red, it’s feeding time! Two other LEDS also indicate your battery’s charging status once it’s been connected.

The Arduino PowerBoost Shield is also equipped with a DC/DC amplifier/adaptor capable of boosting the voltage supplied by your battery (3–4 Vdc) to achieve a voltage of 5.2 Vdc. A blue LED indicates when the booster is operating.

Uses for the PowerBoost 500 Rechargeable 5 V Shield

Your Arduino PowerBoost 500 mA Shield comes as a kit – you’ll need to do a bit of soldering to assemble the JST connectors to your shield so that it can fit perfectly onto your Arduino (Uno, Duemilanove, Mega, Leonardo, Due or any other compatible board). You can also place your power shield on another Arduino-compatible shield, and most of the Arduino-compatible shields can also be positioned above the PowerBoost Shield. Please note that if you want to use a shield equipped with ICSP pins for the purposes of data transfer, you absolutely must place your PowerBoost Shield on the top!

With this kit, you also get an optional on/off switch that you can solder to switch your Arduino PowerBoost Shield on and off manually.

Once assembled and your shield fitted into place, you’ll have a compact, ultra-portable device. When you disconnect your Arduino, the PowerShield 500 takes over and powers your project on demand, or at least until the battery runs down!

Technical specifications of the PowerBoost 500 Rechargeable 5 V Shield

  • Supply current (max.): 1 A @ 5 Vdc
  • Supply current (constant): 500 mA @ 5 Vdc
  • Dimensions: 53 x 69 x 2 mm
  • Height (with the JST connectors): 8 mm
  • Weight: 12.5 g


Resources for the PowerBoost 500 Rechargeable 5 V Shield

As always with Adafruit, you can find a comprehensive overview of the Arduino PowerBoost 5 V Shield. You’ll also find a complete assembly guide.

To help you start using your PowerBoost Shield immediately, here are also technical schematics and documentation:

PowerBoost 500 Rechargeable 5 V Shield schematics 1

PowerBoost 500 Rechargeable 5 V Shield schematics 2

Booster chip instructions

Booster chip instructions

Lipoly charger instructions

Lipoly charger instructions

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