Carte capteur d'humidité HIH-4030

HIH-4030 Humidity Sensor Board

Carte capteur d'humidité HIH-4030
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The SparkFun 1643 board is designed for use as a base for the Honeywell HIH-4030 humidity sensor. It delivers an analogue output voltage proportional to the humidity measured by the sensor making it easy to interpret.
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HIH-4030 Humidity Sensor Board: your sensor’s best base

The HIH-4030 humidity sensor is an electronic component belonging to the Honeywell HIH series.

All HIH-4030 and 4031 products are surface-mounted components, i.e. electronic components soldered onto a circuit’s surface.

The HIH-4030 sensor is an instrument for measuring humidity that is both extremely precise and competitive in relation to the other sensors of this type found on the market.

It’s equipped with a thermoset polymer capacitive sensor that is extremely resistant to condensation, dust, dirt, oil and chemicals found commonly in the environment.

The HIH-4030 Humidity Sensor Board converts the measurements taken by the Honeywell HIH-4030 sensor into an analogue output voltage that can be interpreted on a microcontroller using an analogue-to-digital converter.

Since the output voltage follows variations in the sensor in an almost linear manner (and therefore the recorded humidity), it’s very simple to deduce the humidity from the analogue output voltage.

HIH-4030 Humidity Sensor Board - output voltage/relative humidity graph

The HIH-4030 Humidity Sensor Board is equipped with pins spaced 2.54 mm apart, so it’s compatible with a large number of standard perfboards and breadboards.

Uses of the HIH-4030 humidity sensor

Thanks to its Sparkfun base, the HIH-4030 humidity sensor can be connected to numerous boards for carrying out certain types of DIY projects:

  • Environmental measuring instruments
  • Humidity detectors (walls, pipes)
  • Refrigeration, heating, airflow and air conditioning equipment
  • Weather stations
  • Medical equipment
  • Etc.


Technical specifications of the SparkFun Humidity Sensor Board

  • Dimensions: 19.05 × 7.62 mm
  • Voltage: 5 V (4–5.8 V)
  • Supply: 0.2 mA


HIH-4030 humidity sensor technical schematic - CARRIER V10

Resources for the Honeywell HIH-4030 Humidity Sensor Board

Specific documentation exists for the Honeywell HIH-4030 humidity sensor combined with this base. Make sure you take a look before using your board!

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