I2C Block for Intel® Edison

I2C Block for Intel® Edison

SparkFun | A-000000-01739
The I2C Block by SparkFun is a stackable development board allowing you to use your Intel® Edison microcontroller’s I2C bus.
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Stackable I2C Block for Intel® Edison: a full range of “shields” for Intel® Edison!

The Intel® Edison board is a powerful and comprehensive IT platform that includes, among other things, a WiFi module, a Bluetooth Low Energy module and a 70-pin GPIO connector allowing you to join it with a whole range of stackable blocks beneath your microcontroller. Designed by SparkFun, they allow you to develop and add functions to your microcontroller in order to customise your IoT and home-automation creations.

I2C Block for Intel® Edison: use your microcontroller’s I2C communication bus

The I2C Block by SparkFun was designed for using the I2C communication bus via an external development board. Once your Intel® Edison has been connected on top of the block, you’ll be able to join all the sensors you wish, communicating via I2C.

The microcontroller’s output voltage (1.8 V) is then shifted to meet the power requirements of the sensors you want to use.

Technical specifications of the I2C Block for Intel® Edison

  • SparkFun I2C block compatible with Intel® Edison
  • Voltage level shifting: from 1.8 V to the sensor’s supply voltage


Resources for the I2C Block for Intel® Edison

Take all the time you need to read through the documentation provided below, required for your Intel® Edison I2C Block to function properly:

Schematic of the I2C Block for Intel® Edison

EAGLE files of the I2C Block for Intel® Edison

Connection guide of the I2C Block for Intel® Edison

Intel® Edison tutorials

Quick start guide for the Intel Edison

Software download for the Intel Edison

Design files (GitHub) for the Intel Edison

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