ADC Block for Intel® Edison

ADC Block for Intel® Edison

SparkFun | A-000000-01743
The ADC Block for Intel® Edison by SparkFun provides your Intel® Edison microcontroller with an analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) communicating via your board’s I2C bus.
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Add an analogue-to-digital converter to your Intel® Edison

The SparkFun ADC Block is a development board dedicated to the Intel® Edison microcontroller, the new IT platform for creating home-automation objects and IoT projects that has recently joined the microcontroller market alongside Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

Each stackable SparkFun block is very simply connected to your Intel® Edison, and you can stack several blocks to increase your microcontroller’s capabilities or even add some new ones!

The ADC Block for Intel® Edison offers your Intel microcontroller’s I2C communication bus an ADS1015 TI analogue-to-digital converter, making it capable of interpreting the analogue output signals of the various connected devices and converting them into digital signals.

ADC Block for Intel® Edison: 4 converters, just 1 microcontroller

You can stack up to 4 ADC Blocks beneath a single Intel® Edison thanks to the jumpers integrated into each block. These jumpers allow you to choose slave I2C addresses among 4 different options.

Your analogue-to-digital converter can be configured in one of two ways:

  • As a 4-channel single-ended device
  • As a 2-channel input/output device


Technical specifications of the ADC Block for Intel® Edison

  • Texas Instruments ADS1015 analogue-to-digital converter
  • 12-bit delta-sigma converter with analogue multiplexer
  • Communication via the Intel® Edison board’s I2C bus
  • 1 Intel® Edison board supports up to 4 ADC blocks
  • 2 differential channels or 4 single channels
  • Sampling rate: 2.2 kHz


Resources for the ADC Block for Intel® Edison

Below you’ll find various document and download links to help you use your DEV-13046 ADC:

Schematic for the ADC Block for Intel® Edison

EAGLE files for the ADC Block for Intel® Edison

Intel® Edison tutorials

Quick start guide

Software download for Intel® Edison

Design files (GitHub) for the ADC Block for Intel® Edison

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