16-piece tool kit for electronics
16-piece tool kit for electronics

16-piece tool kit for electronics

FACOM | A-000000-01441
No electronics engineer’s toolkit would be complete without these tools designed especially for assembling all your circuits, which also come with their own storage case.
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Size Chart
Size Chart

Pliers, screwdrivers, scissors... tools designed specifically for electronics

This “Micro-Tech” toolkit by Facom includes all the accessories required to assemble, secure, cut and strip without damaging hardware. You’ll find no fewer than 16 tools:

  • Screwdrivers in various shapes and sizes
  • Pliers suited to the different types of materials handled
  • Scissors and scalpel


A storage case for neat and tidy DIY projects

Each of the tools found in this kit has its own place in a toolbox lined with a protective foam. Slots are provided for all your accessories, allowing you to quickly and conveniently store them once you’ve finished working. It can of course also be used to carry all your tools around with you without losing them.

Technical specifications of the “Micro-Tech” Tool Set by Facom

  • Case size: 366 x 180 x 66 mm
  • Total weight: 1.075 kg
  • Case contents:
    • AE.1 x 35-1.2 x 35 screwdrivers
    • AEF.1.5 x 35-1.8 x 35-2 x 35-2.5 x 35 screwdrivers
    • AEP.000 x 35 screwdriver
    • AEFP.00 x 35 screwdriver
    • 84E.0.9 x 35-1.3 x 35-1.5 x 35 hexagonal drivers
    • 405.10MT-432LMT pliers
    • 841.1 scissors
    • 845.1 scalpel
    • 140AA tweezers
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