USB Radio for Elisa-3 Robot
USB Radio for Elisa-3 Robot

USB Radio for Elisa-3 Robot

GCTronic | A-000000-01015

Ideal for controlling your Elisa-3 robot (or a whole squadron of Elisa-3 robots!), the USB Radio allows you to establish a wireless communication between your Elisa-3 robot and your PC.

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The wireless Elisa-3 controller: what is it?

This 2.4 GHz radio station lets you control one or more Elisa-3 robots by identifying each robot and storing each address on the microcontroller’s EEPROM. You can therefore control your robot or your robots wirelessly from a distance of up to 10 m.

USB Radio for Elisa-3 Robot: how does it work?

Simply connect your wireless Elisa-3 USB communication module to your PC using the mini-USB cable provided. The module then begins to communicate with your PC, and serves as a wireless intermediary between your PC and your Elisa-3 robot. It can therefore be controlled and reprogrammed directly from your computer!

Technical specifications of the USB Radio for Elisa-3 Robot

  • 2.4 GHz radio communication module
  • Range: 10 m
  • Throughput limited depending on the number of robots being controlled: 250 Hz for 4, 10 Hz for 100
  • Weight: 45 g
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