Bloc UART pour Intel® Edison

UART Block for Intel® Edison

SparkFun | A-000000-01741
The UART Block for Intel® Edison is the most practical and quick solution when you need to power a programmable electronic board. It also provides an interface for secure data exchange with older hardware via an RS-232 connection.
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Size Chart

SparkFun UART Block for Intel® Edison: For power...

The Intel® Edison board is a complete computing platform for developing all your onboard electronics, wearable electronics and IoT projects. SparkFun has created an entire set of stackable blocks for creating or offering new features for your electronic board.

Simply add a stackable block, and you increase the capacities of your Intel Arduino system. This SparkFun UART board offers various features, including rapid use of your Intel® Edison!

By combining the UART block with an FTDI board, you can power your Intel® Edison computing platform directly without having to rely on an external source. You can achieve levels of power of 4V and 500 mA, and the current is supplied to not only your electronic board but also all the blocks present in the stack.

UART Block for Intel® Edison technical schematic

...and communication!

With the UART block, you can also choose your interface: UART 1 or UART 2 (console). By connecting a RS-232 converter to your UART block, you can establish a communication between older hardware and your Intel® Edison board.

Technical specifications of the SparkFun UART Block

  • SparkFun Block for Intel® Edison
  • Supply: up to 4V / 500 mA


Resources for the DEV-13040 Block

We’ve put together a set of links to various documents you’ll find essential when using your DEV-13040 UART Block:

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