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The new prototyping add-on for your Raspberry Pi! Try your hand at programming in the NETMF environment and with the Gadgeteer modules with FEZ HAT, a Raspberry Pi-compatible connection platform that has more than one nice surprise up its sleeve. DISCONTINUED ARTICLE.
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Size Chart

FEZ HAT board: your Raspberry Pi shield

The FEZ HAT board comes already assembled and pre-programmed with a C# driver, so Raspberry Pi fans (including the owners of the Raspberry Pi 2 B and the Raspberry Pi B+) looking for easy access to the NETMF programming environment and wanting to benefit from the entire collection of .NET Gadgeteer modules offered by GHI Electronics will be fully satisfied.

FEZ HAT works just like a Gadgeteer shield for Raspberry Pi. It provides access to a large number of connections and is equipped with a temperature sensor, a light sensor and an accelerometer. All in a plug-and-play format, so you can leave your soldering iron in the cupboard!

FEZ HAT Gadgeteer board for Raspberry Pi: a door to the world of robotics

With FEZ HAT, you have everything you need to start building small robots on Raspberry Pi. This shield includes drivers and connections for DC motors as well as servo connections, and also offers the possibility to add the Gadgeteer modules of your choice to improve your creation!

FEZ HAT by Gadgeteer - technical schematic

Technical specifications of the FEZHT-SB-500 board

  • The FEZ HAT board offers:
    • PWM chips and an integrated analogue input
    • 2 DC motor drivers, suitable for building small robots
    • Terminal blocks for solderless wiring in DC motors
    • 2 servo motor connections
    • 2 multi-coloured LEDs, connected to PWM and offering thousands of colours
    • 1 red LED
    • 1 temperature sensor
    • 1 accelerometer
    • 1 light sensor
    • 2 user buttons
    • 1 terminal block with 2 analogue connectors, 2 digital I/O connectors, 2 PWM connectors and 1 power connector
    • Female headers with SPI, I2C, 3 analogue, 3 PWM
    • Dedicated power input for driving the servo and DC motors
    • Fully assembled and tested, ready to use with no soldering
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to +85 °C
  • Dimensions: 45.58 × 36.80 × 20.85 mm
  • Weight: 29 g


Resources for the FEZ HAT board

The FEZ HAT board is extremely easy to use. But we’re guessing you’ll want to find out more about how it works, so read on!

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