RFID Module - SM130 Mifare (13.56 MHz)

MIFARE SM130 13.56 MHz RFID Module

RFID Module - SM130 Mifare (13.56 MHz)
SparkFun | A-000000-01887
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The MIFARE SM130 RFID Module by SparkFun is a 28-pin DIP module that provides easy access to the 13.56 MHz RFID technology on Arduino.

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SM130 module: a full DIP, dedicated entirely to RFID

The SM130 RFID Module by Sparkfun uses 2 communication protocols to read and write data: UART and I2C. It also has all the components you need to use the RFID technology.

Please note that although the module doesn’t have a dedicated slot for the antenna, you can find it in other RFID devices, for example the compatible 13.56 RFID Evaluation Shield.

Assembling the MIFARE SM130 RFID Module

No Arduino user should have a problem integrating the MIFARE SM130 RFID Module, you simply connect your module to the Arduino-compatible RFID Evaluation Shield (also available on our website).

All that remains is to run your program on Arduino and you can immediately start using your RFID card, for example to command the opening and closing of a door or in any other project requiring non-contact technology.

Mifare SM130 13.56 MHz RFID Module video presentation

Technical specifications of the SEN-10126 RFID Module

  • UART interface: up to 115200 bps
  • I2C interface: up to 400 kHz
  • Complete read/write module, excluding antenna
  • Supply: 5V
  • 2 general-purpose outputs
  • 2 general-purpose inputs


Resources for the SEN-10126 SM130 RFID Module

You’ll find anything you don’t already know about your SM130 RFID Module in these useful links, which we’ve compiled especially for you:

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