Support aluminium en L pour moteurs CC Métal Pololu 37D

Aluminium L-Brackets for Metal DC Gearmotors

Support aluminium en L pour moteurs CC Métal Pololu 37D
Pololu Robotics & Electronics | A-000000-01548
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If you need to mount your Pololu 37D metal DC gearmotors, make sure you choose the best with this pair of L-brackets for Pololu motors. They’re designed for ultra-safe assembly!

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L-Brackets for Pololu 37D DC Gearmotors: light and strong

This pair of L-Brackets for DC Gearmotors are Pololu motor accessories designed specifically to fit the manufacturer’s 37D model. Made from aluminium, they guarantee a solid assembly without unnecessarily weighing your mobile robot down (one bracket weighs just 11 g).

L-brackets for Pololu gearmotors: for an assembly that leaves nothing to chance

Each bracket has 14 mounting holes, meaning this accessory for Pololu motors will secure your DC gearmotors nice and firmly. The holes are compatible with M3 or No. 4 screws, offering you a greater choice of mounting tools.

Each bracket also has 6 additional mounting holes to ensure your gearmotor is held firmly, even if you decide to embark your machine on a hectic adventure. They come with 6 compatible M3 5 mm screws.

Aluminium L-Brackets for Metal DC Gearmotors: dimensions

Technical specifications of the 1084 L-Brackets for DC Gearmotors

  • Number of brackets: 2
  • Weight: 11 g
  • Compatible with Pololu 37D metal DC gearmotors
  • Dimensions: 37.6 × 49.2 mm
  • Mounting holes: 14 (compatible with M3 or No. 4 screws) + 6
  • Screws supplied: 12 x M3 5 mm screws (6 for each bracket)
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