TinyG CNC Controller v8

TinyG CNC Controller v8

TinyG CNC Controller v8
Adafruit Industries | A-000000-01688
End of life product

Discover the pleasure of controlling a stepper motor with millimetric precision thanks to TinyG, the USB controller designed for miniature CNC projects proposed by Adafruit!


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TinyG Controller v8: 6-axis control for 4 simultaneous motors

Don’t be fooled by the TinyG Controller’s ultra-small size – this high-precision controller has all the necessary power to operate 4 stepper motors simultaneously. This electronics board boasts many qualities:

  • Embedded Atmel ATxmega192 microcontroller;
  • 4 dedicated TI DRV8811 drivers for operating NEMA23-type stepper motors and some NEMA34 motors;
  • 6-axis motion control: 3 linear axes (X, Y, Z) and 3 rotary axes (A, B, C);
  • Smooth management of acceleration and fast motion transitions;
  • All in a controller measuring just 10.5 cm long and 10.2 cm wide!


Uses for the TinyG Controller

Because the TinyG Controller also allows network connections (devices for controlling movement and/or other multi-axis controllers), there are lots of possibilities. You can use your TinyG v8 to manage a mobile robot with fine, precise movements, or to design your own CNC machine and embark on new adventures!

Technical specifications of the TinyG Controller

  • Atmel ATxmega192 processor
  • 4 x TI DRV8811 drivers for stepper motors
  • 6-axis motion control (linear and rotary)
  • Connection possible via RS-485
  • Dimensions: 105 x 102 x 2 mm
  • Weight: 76 g


Resources for the TinyG v8

The TinyG v8 wiki page offers a very comprehensive overview of all the possible uses and applications of your CNC machine controller.

Data sheet
Number of channels
Max amps per channel
0,5-3 A
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