Arduino Proto Wireless SD Shield

Arduino Proto Wireless SD Shield

Arduino | A-000000-01893

This wireless Arduino shield allows you to connect an XBee module to your Arduino board, enabling it to communicate wirelessly with your computer. You also have a switch for changing from one communication system to another.

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Size Chart

Arduino Wireless SD Shield: a new option for your Arduino board

The Arduino Proto Wireless SD Shield is designed to accommodate an XBee 2.4 GHz radio communication module, allowing your board to then communicate wirelessly over a range of 30 metres indoors and up to 100 metres outdoors.

The Arduino Wireless SD Shield is compatible with the series 1 and 2 XBee modules (XBee 802.15.4, ZNet 2.5 and ZB modules). It’s designed in particular for the Arduino Uno and Mega 2560 boards. You can therefore use a wide variety of XBee modules on your Arduino to equip it with different functions. If you want two modules in the same family to communicate with each other, you’ll need to place them both on the same network. You’ll find configuration and programming examples on the Arduino website.

Your Arduino shield also has a microSD port for saving data (the microSD card is not included).

Choose between 2 communication systems

There’s a switch on the Arduino shield allowing you to select either a micro or USB mode:

  • In micro mode: data transmitted by your microcontroller are sent to the computer, either wirelessly using the corresponding XBee module or via a USB connection.
  • In USB mode: the wireless module communicates directly with your computer without passing through the microcontroller. You’ll need to include a blank line of code in your Arduino program to use this option.


Technical specifications of the Arduino Proto Wireless SD Shield


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