Platine WiFi Breakout - CC3000

WiFi Breakout - CC3000

Platine WiFi Breakout - CC3000
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Want to control and optimise your data rate without using UART? Get the CC3000 WiFi module and its dedicated WiFi Breakout Board and you can integrate the Internet into your projects!

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CC3000 WiFi module: control data transmission as you see fit

Say goodbye to mandatory UART connections – with the CC3000 WiFi module you can transmit and receive data via an SPI interface. The WiFi connection becomes available on downloading the mobile phone app developed by Texas instruments for its CC3000 module: SmartConfig.

Learn more in this video presentation about the CC3000 WiFi Breakout Board (3:00)

WiFi Breakout - CC3000: a clever add-on for the module

The WiFi Breakout Board designed for the CC3000 module by Texas Instruments is useful in more ways than one:

  • It offers a place for an additional antenna, just so you can increase the data flow should the need arise (simply make sure there’s a slot for the antenna if you intend to shut your project away in a pretty box);
  • Plus it makes access to the module’s pins easier (Vcc, 3.3V, MOSI, MISO, CS, INT, SCK and EN).


Technical specifications of the Breakout for CC3000

  • Supply voltage: 3.3V - 12V
  • Host interface: SPI @ 16 MHz
  • Throughput (TCP): approx. 4 Mbps
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g compatible
  • WEP, WPA/WPA2 (AES and TKIP - Personal) security modes
  • FCC, IC, CE and TELEC certification
  • Built-in WIMAX antenna
  • Connection for additional external antenna
  • Dimensions: 46.4 × 26.2 × 3.6 mm


Resources for the WiFi Breakout - CC3000

Don’t leave it up to Google to provide you with information about the WiFi Breakout - CC300 that’s our job!

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