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A great little module for RFID fans, the RFID USB Reader will open up new possibilities for RFID-compatible scanners. Including the ability to download the information stored on an RFID card by USB!

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Sparkfun RFID USB Reader: more than just an RFID reader

Alone, this RFID USB Reader is incapable of reading the least little RFID chip (you still need a card-reading device for that!), but it will prove a very nice bonus for your RFID reader:

  • A mini-USB connection you can plug into your terminal;
  • A status LED indicating when the device is reading;
  • A buzzer (that you can disconnect thanks to a jumper wire) you can program to indicate when there’s a problem (or, on the contrary, when the card can be read correctly).


RFID USB Reader Schematic

Compatibility of the SEN-09963 RFID module

Before embarking on your 1st RFID-controlled electronic opening project – or any other creation that might spring to mind – make sure your hardware is compatible with this SEN-09963 RFID module by SparkFun. You’ll need:

  • An ID-3LA, ID-12LA or ID-20LA RFID reader;
  • 125 KHz RFID cards.


Technical specifications of the SEN-09963 RFID Reader

  • RFID reader not supplied
  • Dimensions: 35.56 × 30.48 × 14.48 mm


Resources for the RFID USB module by SparkFun

Stock up on lots of useful information for your RFID USB module by SparkFun!

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