ID-20LA RFID Reader (125 kHz)

ID-20LA RFID Reader (125 kHz)

ID-20LA RFID Reader (125 kHz)
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You’re going to need an RFID reader if you want to start working on non-contact ID projects, and the ID-20LA module by ID Innovations is an extremely simple one to use. Perfect for beginners!

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ID-20LA module: your 125 kHz RFID reader

Integrating this small ID-20LA RFID Reader (125 kHz) with built-in antenna into RFID projects is almost effortless – connect it to a power source, then simply show it a 125 kHz RFID card to obtain all its ID information.

You can also add the compatible RFID USB Reader to give your project some additional cool features, including a buzzer and status LED.

ID-20LA RFID Reader: a new, more efficient version

The previous version of the ID-20LA module, the ID-20, had very similar features but with one important difference: energy consumption! Your ID-20LA RFID reader is quite happy with a 2.8V power supply, whereas its big brother won’t work below 5V.

RFID readers comparison (08:15)

Technical specifications of the ID-20LA RFID reader

  • Supply: 2.8–5V
  • Read frequency: 125 kHz
  • Compatible with the EM4001 64-bit RFID tag
  • Outputs: 9600 bps TTL, RS232, magnetic stripe emulation
  • Maximum read range: 180 mm
  • Dimensions: 38 x 40 x 7 mm


Resources for the SEN-11828 RFID module

Rapidly develop and program a brand-new project with the SEN-11828 RFID module thanks to these helpful resources:

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