Heart Rate Educational Kit with Polar Wireless Sensors

Heart Rate Educational Starter Pack with Polar Wireless Sensors

Heart Rate Educational Kit with Polar Wireless Sensors
Adafruit Industries | A-000000-01687
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This very easy-to-use educational kit was created around the Polar heart rate sensor. It’s particularly suitable for those wanting to quickly add biometric data to their electronics project.

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Heart Rate Educational Kit: biometric data integrated in minutes

The Adafruit heart rate educational kit includes everything you need to develop an electronics project that interacts with the user’s biometric data.

For this, you have a very simple-to-use Polar heart rate transmitter and receiver – strap the transmitter around your chest using the chest strap and it sends logic signals to its receiver. The two parts don’t even need to be connected, they communicate wirelessly.

When the receiver module receives data from the transmitter it converts them into a logic signal, oscillating between high and low. A high signal is produced when the transmitter detects a heartbeat.

You can use your T34 heart rate sensor either with the compatible Polar WearLink+ receiver provided or with another Polar-compatible receiver.

Adafruit biometric educational kit: compatible with most microcontrollers

Use your Arduino board or another microcontroller to integrate the biometric sensor data transmitted by the Polar T34 system. The heart rate receiver is 3.3 and 5V compatible and can therefore be connected to most electronics boards.

The kit includes 6 standard header pins and a small breadboard for connections. Please note that the microcontroller is not supplied with this kit.

Important: this biometric kit is designed for educational and experimentation purposes, for students, engineers and electronics enthusiasts. If you want to use this kit to develop a product, you’ll need to contact Polar and provide them with details of your project so they can check its biometric sensors are suitable.

Learn more about the Heart Rate Educational Kit in this video presentation

Technical specifications of the Adafruit e-health kit

The biometric educational kit with heart sensors contains:

  • 1 Polar T34 heart rate transmitter:
    • Water-resistant up to 30 m
    • As accurate as an ECG
    • Autonomous up to 2500 hours of use
    • Comes with a non-user replaceable battery and a medium-size elastic chest strap (63.5–137.16 cm)
    • Machine washable and antibacterial
  • 1 Polar heart rate receiver with a max. range of 121.92 cm
  • 1 holder for 2 AA batteries
  • 1 small breadboard
  • 1 x 10 mm red LED
  • 1 x 1K ohm resistor
  • 6 header pins
  • Microcontroller not included (required to read the logic signal from the receiver and to make the LED flash)


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