Module émetteur-récepteur WiFi Serial w/ ESP8266 - 1MB Flash

WiFi Serial Transceiver Module w/ ESP8266 – 1MB Flash

Module émetteur-récepteur WiFi Serial w/ ESP8266 - 1MB Flash
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This small module could well revolutionise the world of the IoT, and change the lives of its fans. The ESP8266 WiFi module has its own TCP/IP protocol for direct WiFi access, plus it has its own 32-bit processor!

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WiFi transceiver: connect to an existing network or create your own

The main advantage of this small but very powerful module is that it offers direct WiFi access by acting as both a receiver and a transmitter.

Technically speaking, it therefore allows you to create your own internet network, to which you can then connect all the receiver modules you like while providing easy access to a network (for example your home WiFi network).

ESP8266 WiFi module: an embedded 32-bit SoC

The ESP8266 WiFi transmitter module has its own SoC, exactly like on a Raspberry Pi. It’s a 32-bit processor you can use to run your own applications. You also benefit from a small flash memory for storing your data.

Everything’s included in a minimum of space, to avoid wasting room on your PCB so you can connect even more modules!

Technical specifications of the ESP8266 WiFi receiver

  • Flash memory: 1 MB
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi interface
  • WiFi Direct (P2P), SoftAP mode
  • Integrated TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Integrated TR switch, balun, LNA, power amplifier and matching network
  • Integrated PLLs, regulators, DCXO and power management units
  • +19.5 dBm in 802.11b mode
  • Power-down leakage current < 10 uA
  • Low-power 32-bit processor you can use as an application processor
  • SDIO 1.1/2.0, SPI, UART
  • STBC, 1x1 MIMO, 2x1 MIMO
  • A-MPDU and A-MSDU aggregation with 0.4 ms guard interval
  • Wake up and transmission of packets in less than 2 ms
  • Standby power consumption of less than 1 mW (DTIM3)
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