Grove IR Temperature Sensor

Grove IR Temperature Sensor

Grove IR Temperature Sensor
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The Grove IR Temperature Sensor is a non-contact, low-consumption analogue module, which means you can use it in all sorts of electronics projects.

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Grove temperature sensor: -10 to +100 °C

You can connect the IR Temperature Sensor to the analogue input of your Base Shield or Mega Shield using the 4-pin cable provided.

It will then measure temperatures ranging from -10 to +100 °C to an accuracy of +/-2 °C. It includes 116 thermocouple elements, and the voltage delivered is proportional to the temperature measured.

Contactless, very-low-power consumption

With a maximum consumption of 200 µA, this Grove module can be used in all configurations. Your 101020062 temperature sensor will take contactless measurements at a distance of 9 cm. This means you can use the module in many projects, including:

  • A security system based on presence and movement detection
  • A weather station project
  • An automated system, etc.


Technical specifications of the 101020062 IR Temperature Sensor

  • Supply: 3–5 Vdc
  • Consumption: 200 µA max.
  • Measuring range: -10 to +100 °C
  • Accuracy: ±2 °C
  • Nominal measuring distance: 9 cm
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 13 mm


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