ELEV-8 V2 KA Outrunner 1050 Kv Motor
ELEV-8 V2 KA Outrunner 1050 Kv Motor

ELEV-8 V2 KA Outrunner 1050 Kv Motor

Parallax Inc. | A-000000-02088

This ELEV-8 replacement part is designed specifically for pilots of ELEV-8, Hex and Y-8 quadcopters. Fearing motor malfunction has become a thing of the past!

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Size Chart
Size Chart

ELEV-8 V2 motor: a discreet and efficient motor for your ELEV-8 quadcopter

The ELEV-8 motor is designed especially for equipping the drones in the ELEV-8, Hex and Y-8 series. Which means you can safely use it as an ELEV-8 replacement part.

You can also use this motor in ELEV-8-motor-based drone projects. You’ll need an electronic speed controller to control the drone’s various motors independently.

Want to replace your drone’s motor? Beware!

Each drone is different. If you need to change the motor in your drone or in your ELEV-8 quadcopter, always make sure you use a 100% compatible part.

Avoid mixing models and brands and choose an item from the specially designed range of ELEV-8 accessories. A non-compliant motor could seriously damage your drone.

Technical specifications of the 750-90008 ELEV-8 motor

  • Screw-on propeller adapter for a sturdy and reliable connection
  • Silent, efficient motor
  • Compatible with ELEV-8 V2, V1, Hex drones and Y-8 multirotor kits
  • Kv: 1050 rpm/V
  • Battery: 11.4V, 3S LiPo
  • Current: 6–15A (max. 19A for 15 sec.)
  • Shaft dimensions: 3.17 × 12 mm
  • Weight: 57 g
  • Dimensions: 28 x 32 mm


Resources for the ELEV-8 quadcopter motor

Looking for information on how to assemble, program and maintain your ELEV-8 quadcopter? Look no further, it’s all here!

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