SparkFun RGB and Gesture APDS-9960 Sensor

SparkFun RGB and Gesture APDS-9960 Sensor

SparkFun RGB and Gesture APDS-9960 Sensor
SparkFun | A-000000-02068
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The SEN-12787 module by SparkFun combines 4 sensors, detecting gestures, colour, light and proximity, which you can control from your 3.3V microcontroller to design a project that responds to your every movement!

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SparkFun RGB and Gesture Sensor: a multi-purpose module

Built around the APDS-9960 circuit, this module designed by Sparkfun has various built-in sensors serving different but complementary functions:

  • 1 RGB sensor for detecting colours
  • 1 contactless gesture detector
  • 1 ambient light sensor
  • 1 proximity sensor


Learn more about the SparkFun RGB and Gesture APDS-9960 Sensor in this video

Uses for the SEN-12787 RGB and Gesture Sensor

The APDS-9960 circuit serves a similar purpose to the gesture sensors used in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and other smartphones.

Once assembled and programmed, the small module is therefore capable of detecting your hand’s movement and its direction (right, left, up, down). It can also sense whether a hand is moving closer or further away. This means you’ll be able to control your electronics project or mobile robot with a few simple movements!

The SparkFun RGB and Gesture APDS-9960 Sensor in action!

Technical specifications of the APDS-9960 sensor

  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
  • Ambient light & RGB colour sensor
  • Proximity sensor
  • Gesture detector
  • Operating range: 10–20 cm
  • I2C interface (address: 0x39)


Resources for the SparkFun colour and gesture sensor

We’ve provided links to a video, a demo, code libraries and technical data below so you can make optimal use of your colour and gesture sensor.

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