Grove Circular LED Module
Grove Circular LED Module
Grove Circular LED Module

Grove Circular LED Module

Seeed Studio | A-000000-02015

In this circular LED module, Grove buffs will find everything they need for illuminating all their Base Shield and Mega Shield inventions!

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Size Chart
Size Chart

Circular Grove LED module: 24 independently-controlled LEDs

You can connect this Grove LED module to the I2C bus of your Base Shield or Mega Shield. The communication protocol allows you to independently control each of the 24 white LEDs.

Program them to light up simultaneously for example or one after the other, or create illuminated markers for a volume button or any other control device.

Grove 104030013 module: a useful middle

This module is in the form of a ring, and in the centre there’s enough room to place another Grove module, for example an encoder, allowing you to then use your Grove LED module to view the different signals.

Grove Circular LED Module Interface

Technical specifications of the Grove 104030013 sensor

  • Voltage: 4.5–5.5V
  • Current: 5.5 mA (per LED)
  • Ring diameter: 45 mm
  • Net weight: 12 g
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