Webots for NAO - 1 user license
Webots for NAO - 1 user license

Webots for NAO - 1 user license

Animate and enhance your programmable humanoid NAO Evolution Robot with the software Webots for NAO DISCONTINUED PRODUCT
End of life product
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Size Chart

Webots for NAO, a programmable humanoid NAO Evolution Robot 3D simulator

Webots for NAO enables you to test NAO in a virtual environment and validate programs. What a better set up than a realistic physics wold to test your NAO program? Webots for NAO gives you more than 50 objects editable by controlling mass & inertia, manage the dynamic (speed and weight) and collisions. You can also check warnings and bugs from the console or get sensors data from Robot view. You can fine tune the rendering of your simulation such as following a specific object and record it.

3D simulator Webots for NAO


Webots for NAO key features


      • Camera 1 & camera 2
      • Articular position
      • Inertial unit
      • Force Sensitive Resistors (FSR)
      • Sonars
      • Bumpers
      • Tactil touch
      • Chest button
      • Infrared emitter/receiver
      • LEDs


      • Weightiness (mass & inertia of NAO and environment)
      • Collision: between NAOs & environment
      • Simple object addition (More than 50 objects available)
      • Move an object with mouse


      • Textures (e.g. paintings)
      • Scene camera tethering (follow NAO or any objects)


      • English - Spanish - Chinese -
        French - Japanese - German

Environment editable

      • 2 worlds available (empty & apartment)
      • World editable: edit & save the world
      • Objects editable (some parameters)
      • Friction of NAO's material (user-modifiable)


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