Wireless DIY Kit for Thymio II
Wireless DIY Kit for Thymio II
Wireless DIY Kit for Thymio II

Wireless DIY Kit for Thymio II

Mobsya | A-000000-02203

Thymio is already used by tens of hundreds of children (and grown-ups) delighted to learn robotics while having fun. Here comes the brand new DIY wireless kit that frees the robot from its constraining USB programming cable.

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Program Thymio/Thymio II from your computer and let your robot go about its life!

Thymio is an educational mobile robot equipped with some fun features that can be programmed using the robot’s software.

In just a few clicks and with a little imagination, this robot designed for education changes colour, avoid obstacles or acts as a watchdog or a locomotive – all you have to do is ask!

If you already own a Wireless Thymio, then you know that you can leave the robot on the playground while you program it from your computer.

You can change how your wireless version of Thymio and Thymio II behaves on the fly, or even halt execution midway if you change your mind.

You already own a standard Thymio? Good news: you can now install a WiFi Thymio module and program it as you would a Wireless Thymio. The DIY Thymio kit consists of 2 parts:

  • a WiFi Dongle you need to connect to your computer’s USB port; and
  • a WiFi receiver to install on your robot. Warning, this procedure should be done only if you have experience in soldering! (Any damage caused to the robot due to incorrect manipulation will cancel the robot's warranty)

How to install your DIY Thymio kit onto your robot

To ensure that such procedure is carried out under the best possible conditions of safety, the DIY Thymio/Thymio II kit must be installed by adults with the necessary skills in soldering. Step-to-step instructions are available in the video below:

  • First, update the firmware of your Thymio with version 9 or above.
  • Open your Thymio, solder the WiFi receiver module and close the robot again.
  • Connect the WiFi dongle to your computer’s USB port, and off you go!


Please note that Thymio robots sold before 2012 are not compatible with this wireless kit. To check whether your robot can become a Wireless Thymio, simply flip it and look between the wheels. If your robot has the embossed inscription “design epfl/écal/mobsya” between the wheels, it is not compatible. If your robot has a sticker with a bar code, congrats! You can transform it into a Wireless Thymio.

Technical specifications of the Wireless Thymio Kit

The Wireless Thymio DIY kit consists of:

  • 1 sticker you need to apply on the bottom of the robot
  • 1 USB dongle
  • 1 wireless module (in an anti-static packaging)
  • Update instructions
  • 1 user guide

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