Small e-Paper Shield V2

Small e-Paper Shield V2

Small e-Paper Shield V2
Seeed Studio | A-000000-02191
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The Seeeduino e-Paper Shield introduces you nicely to the world of electronic ink panels, far less power hungry than standard displays!

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e-Paper Shield for Arduino and Seeeduino: graphics, images and texts in more than 170 languages

An electronic ink module brings many benefits in comparison with our good old displays: it reflects light instead of emitting it, making e-paper a very comfortable material to read. And in this way, much less power is consumed.

Just so this evolution does not remain untapped, you can now use easy-to-install modules in your Arduino or Seeeduino projects: you can connect the Seeed Studio small e-paper shield to your programming board and display images, graphics and texts in more than 170 languages. It’s capable of driving e-papers of 2" (5,08cm) or 2.7" (6,85cm).

Installation instructions for the Seeed Studio Shield

This Arduino Shield supports e-papers of different sizes (sold separately). Get started in a few simple steps:

  • Connect your e-paper to the FFC interface of the Seeeduino Shield.
  • Plug the e-Paper Shield to your Arduino/Seeeduino board.
  • Connect your programming board to your PC using the USB cable.

Now it’s time to download the open-source programming codes available below. Your electronic ink Arduino panel is ready for use!

Technical specifications of the Seeeduino e-Paper Panel

  • Compatibility: Arduino Uno, Seeeduino V3, Leonardo, Arduino Mega, Linkit ONE
  • Operating voltage: 3.3/5 Vdc
  • Operating current (refresh screen): 40 mA
  • Interface: SPI, I/O
  • White reflectance: above 35%
  • Contrast ratio: above 8:1 (t=2 minutes)


Resources for the104030019 e-Paper Shield V2

Do you still have questions about how the e-Paper Shield by Seeed Studio works? Follow these links to find all the answers you’re looking for!

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