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Cubelets Mini Makers Educator Pack

Mini Makers Educator Pack
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These Modular Robotics Cubelets offer a totally new means of teaching robotics and programming to children. With the Mini Makers Educator Pack, you’ll hold all the cards (or should I say cubes!) for introducing your youngest pupils to what a robot is, how it works, and how to tackle a complex robotics project.

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Mini Makers Educator Pack: for teaching robotics in nursery school

The Mini Makers Educator Pack was developed especially for teaching modular robotics to nursery school children. It consists of a series of magnetic cubes, each serving a specific function.

  • SENSE Cubelets, which measure a specific aspect of their environment (brightness, distance, temperature, etc.) and transcribe the data in the form of a number between 0 and 255.
  • THINK Cubelets, which are able to modify the values collected and transmitted by the SENSE Cubelets.
  • ACT Cubelets, which react on the basis of the values they receive from either SENSE or THINK cubes.


Cubelets categories: sense, think, act

The aim of the game? To assemble these sensors intelligently in order to create a robot capable of successfully completing a complex mission, for example a flashlight that turns on automatically in the dark, a surveillance robot that triggers a sound alarm when it senses a presence, or a mobile robot capable of slaloming between obstacles.

Each robotics education pack can be used to teach six groups of pupils the first principles of robotics, by answering various questions through experimentation:

  • What is a robot?
  • How does it receive energy?
  • How does it interact with its environment?
  • What is programming? etc.


Learn more about the Cubelets robots in this video presentation

Modular robotics: a new approach to “educational robotics”

With this pack, there is no complex software, no endless list of codes. Each Cubelet has its own microprocessor programmed to carry out a simple action, for example turn on a light, emit a sound, detect an obstacle or reverse a value.

It’s then all a question of assembling the Cubelets correctly to program a complex action, for example if you combine Battery, Distance, Drive and Inverse Cubelets in the right order you’ll have created a robot capable of rolling in the opposite direction when it “senses” an obstacle.

The Mini Makers Educator Pack includes about 40 hours of freely-downloadable interactive lessons. You can either respect them to the letter, or change them at will to create your own robotics workshop. There are also two Bluetooth Cubelets you can use to not only update the other Cubelets but also reprogram their behaviour and control your projects remotely.

Technical specifications of the Cubelet Educator Pack for infants

  • Plus: 24 Adapter Cubelets-Lego (6 packs of 4), 1 x 5-port Charger, 5 charging cables and 2 storage tubs.

Resources for the Mini Makers Educator Pack

Make sure you keep all this useful information to hand when using your Mini Makers Educator Pack!

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Programming language
Programming language
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9-11 years
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    For which age group are the Cubelets best suited?

    Cubelets are scalable: children as young as 8 year-old can play with them! More advanced (and older) users will be able to reprogram each Cubelet with the C language thanks to the Cubelet Flash software (Windows and Mac).

    How can I update my Cubelets firmware? (the firmware is the software inside each Cubelet, it needs to be up-to-date).

    You will just need to follow the manufacturer firmware update instructions on this linkOnly for the Cubelets purchased before april 2016.

    Are the Cubelets compatible with Scratch?

    No, but Cubelets are compatible with Blockly, Google's equivalent to Scratch. However, nothing is impossible in the world of computer science, and if feel like it, you can create a Scratch extension for Cubelets with ScratchX

    Where can I find exercises and activities for my lessons/workshops?

    We have gathered the best educational resources, classified by levels or by robots on our website. You can consult them via this link.

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