cable USB micro/standard coudé left-angle 30 cm
cable USB micro/standard coudé left-angle 30 cm

1ft Micro USB Cable - A to Left Angle Micro B

| A-000000-01758

This USB-A to Micro-B Cable provides a high quality connection between Micro USB-equipped USB 2.0 devices (smartphones, Raspberry Pi, tablets, etc) and computers.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

The left-angled Micro USB connector positions the cable in such a way that it allows you to easily access your device in both portrait and landscape mode, even while charging.

We also sell a USB A to Right Angle Micro B Cable, which provides the same convenience, but allows you to connect to your USB Micro-B devices from the opposite direction. It supports high-speed data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps.

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