Cubelets Clever Constructors Pack

Cubelets Clever Constructors Pack

Cubelets Clever Constructors Pack
Modular Robotics | A-000000-02347
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Clever Constructors Pack: a comprehensive Cubelet robotics education pack

Robots don’t always resemble the images conjured up by young pupils, and with this educational pack by Modular Robotics you’ll open their eyes to an entirely new understanding of basic robotics science!

Including a full set of magnetic Cubelets, this pack can be used to create workshops for teaching pupils what a robot actually is, how it works, how it’s powered and, above all, how it can quickly become a man’s best friend!

Learn more about the Cubelets robots in this video presentation

Cubelets are a revolutionary means of teaching robotics based on experience and logical reasoning, using a series of genuinely fun games and challenges.

Pupils learn how to combine the various magnetic cubes, each of which serves its own specific function, to ultimately create an autonomous and intelligent robot capable for example of lighting up all by itself in the dark, detecting and reporting abnormal changes in temperature and zigzagging between obstacles!

Each Cubelet serves a specific function:

  • SENSE Cubelets, which measure a specific aspect of their environment (brightness, distance, temperature, etc.) and transcribe the data in the form of a number between 0 and 255.
  • THINK Cubelets, which are able to modify the values collected and transmitted by the SENSE Cubelets.
  • ACT Cubelets, which react on the basis of the values they receive from either SENSE or THINK cubes.


Building blocks for better thinking

The Clever Constructors Pack includes a complete set of SENSE, THINK and ACT Cubelets designed to help expand your pupils’ knowledge of robots. They can:

  • discover what makes a robot different from a mere automaton;
  • grasp the basics of robotics programming;
  • use mathematics, logic and teamwork to create the best robot; and
  • invent brand-new functionalities.


This Modular Robotics pack includes enough Cubelets to organise four workgroups per workshop. Largely sufficient for creating some (healthy) competition!

Programming a Cubelets robot

The Cubelets programming environment uses modular robotics. Each “cube” has its own microprocessor allowing it to successfully complete a specific task, for example roll in a straight line, turn around, switch on a light, make a sound or record a temperature.

The SENSE Cubelets record their measurements as a value between 0 and 255. This information then travels from one cube to another to be analysed and transformed, or to trigger an action. So a string of Cubelets is in fact a series of simple small robotics programs that ultimately results in a much more complex one!

There are also Bluetooth Cubelets (not included) that allow children to not only install necessary updates, but also reprogram each Cubelet in a visual programming environment.

Technical specifications of the Clever Constructors Pack


Resources for the Clever Constructors Pack

We know you’re always hungry for more information on the Modular Robotics Clever Constructors packs, so we’ve compiled the following set of links just for you!

Data sheet
Age group
3-5 years
    For which age group are the Cubelets best suited?

    Cubelets are scalable: children as young as 8 year-old can play with them! More advanced (and older) users will be able to reprogram each Cubelet with the C language thanks to the Cubelet Flash software (Windows and Mac).

    How can I update my Cubelets firmware? (the firmware is the software inside each Cubelet, it needs to be up-to-date).

    You will just need to follow the manufacturer firmware update instructions on this linkOnly for the Cubelets purchased before april 2016.

    Are the Cubelets compatible with Scratch?

    No, but Cubelets are compatible with Blockly, Google's equivalent to Scratch. However, nothing is impossible in the world of computer science, and if feel like it, you can create a Scratch extension for Cubelets with ScratchX

    Where can I find exercises and activities for my lessons/workshops?

    We have gathered the best educational resources, classified by levels or by robots on our website. You can consult them via this link.

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