TeraRanger I2C Adapter
TeraRanger I2C Adapter
TeraRanger I2C Adapter

TeraRanger I2C Adapter

Terabee | A-000000-02345

Yes, the TeraRanger One distance sensors are compatible with Pixhawk and APM flight controllers. All that’s missing is a compatible I2C adapter... and here it is.

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TeraRanger I2C Adapter: an I2C connection and power supply

The Terabee I2C Adapter was designed for establishing a direct connection with Pixhawk and APM controllers. It serves three essential purposes:

  • It creates a direct connection with an I2C hub or port
  • It takes care of voltage level translation
  • It powers the TeraRanger One sensor when connected to a 3S or 4S LiPo battery (12–16V)


TeraRanger I2C Adapter


Once connected via its I2C adapter, your TeraRanger sensor is automatically recognised by the autopilot firmware. Please note, however, that for TeraRanger One sensors displaying a serial number of 1508 xxx and below you’ll need to flash your sensor’s I2C firmware.

This update is available for free by sending an e-mail to Terabee at support@teraranger.com. You can then download the update via the TeraRanger USB Adapter.

Technical specifications of the Terabee I2C Adapter

Comes with:

  • I2C adapter board with power management system (requires soldering +/- power cables)
  • Cable for connecting the adapter to the TeraRanger One sensor
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