TeraRanger Tower 4
TeraRanger Tower 4
TeraRanger Tower 4

TeraRanger Tower 4

Terabee | A-000000-02342

The TeraRanger Tower comes equipped with eight TeraRanger One ToF distance sensors, all ready to transform your mobile robot into an autonomous navigation expert!

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Size Chart

TeraRanger Tower 4: eight time-of-flight sensors for an even crazier journey

TeraRanger Tower 4 by Terabee comprises a circular frame surrounded by eight integrated TeraRanger One ToF distance sensors, all connected to the Terabee TeraRanger Hub.

So your robot will benefit from a virtually 360° vision, plus an innovative obstacle detection technology – lighter, faster and more accurate than most conventional detection technologies, ToF technology compares easily with a LiDAR laser scanner.


Time Of Flight TOF technology


The information obtained is synchronised and transmitted via micro USB 2.0 or UART. Plus, you can use SLAM software to try out a 3D mapping of your mobile robot’s environment either on the ground or in the air.

TeraRanger Tower 4 is ideal for use in environments where several robots are navigating at high speed, in order to avoid collisions. It also offers ultra-precise autonomous navigation possibilities, once again at top speed!


Teraranger sensors applications


TeraRanger Tower: a scalable sensor system

Like all the distance sensors in the TeraRanger One range, TeraRanger Tower 4 is ROS compatible. Its plug-and-play connection system makes it extremely enjoyable to use for those starting out in robotics. You can install anything up to eight sensors on the frame, depending on your needs and on the capacity of your robot or drone.


TeraRanger Tower video presentation

Technical specifications of the TeraRanger Tower

  • Time-of-flight sensor
  • Range: up to 14 m (reduced range in sunlight)
  • Update rate: fixed 270 Hz in fast mode, up to 270 Hz in precision mode
  • Resolution: 0.5 cm
  • Accuracy: +/-4 cm in precision mode
  • Field of view: 3° for each sensor (45° between sensor axes)
  • Supply voltage: 12 Vdc recommended, 10–20 Vdc accepted
  • Supply current: 345 mA @ 12V in a standard environment
  • Dimensions: 150 (diameter) x 45 mm (height)
  • Weight: 130 g assembled (with 8 sensors)
  • 4 mounting holes in the base for M3 screws
  • Interface 1: UART, +3.3V, 921600,8,N,1; connector: 4-pin Molex Picoblade
  • Interface 2: micro USB 2.0 port
  • Expansion: 4-pin Molex Picoblade connector for CAN bus +5V (requires firmware development)


Technical specifications of the TeraRanger Tower


Resources for the ToF sensor tower by Terabee

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