Bee-Bot Starter Kit
Bee-Bot Starter Kit
Bee-Bot Starter Kit

Bee-Bot Starter Kit

TTS | A-000000-02422

The best way to get started with Bee-Bot! The kit includes a Bee-Bot educational robot and some basic educational material to launch your first workshops!


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Size Chart
Size Chart

Bee-Bot Starter Kit: and you’re off!

With Bee-Bot, you can teach pupils from nursery age the basics of robotics, while developing some fun learning activities for improving not only spatial awareness but also other knowledge and skills commonly taught in nursery and primary school.

The Bee-Bot Starter Kit allows you to organise discovery activities involving an educational robot all children will instantly love. A robot ideal for use in both nursery and primary schools that gets infants thinking while keeping them amused.

Technical specifications of the Bee-Bot educational kit

The Bee-Bot Starter Kit contains:

  • 1 Bee-Bot
  • 3 activity mats: the type of mat may vary according to availability
  • 1 pack of 49 sequential cards
  • 10 jackets for Bee-Bot robots

Resources of the Bee-Bot robot

Educational activities for the Bee-Bot robot

    What is the difference between the educational robots Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot?

    The biggest difference is the addition of a Bluetooth module on the Blue-Bot robots. Thanks to the Bluetooth module, young users can program and control their robot with a tablet, a smartphone or the Blue-Bot programming bar !

    Is the Blue-Bot programming bar compatible with the Bee-Bot robot?

    No, the Bee-Bot robot does not have any Bluetooth chip, so the only way to control it is with the buttons on its back.

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