YEOClass Manager | 1 enseignant 3 étudiants

YEOClass Manager | 1 teacher 3 students

YEOClass Manager | 1 enseignant 3 étudiants
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Looking for the perfect tool for managing work in groups as part of your educational workshops with NAO? Look no further, and check out YEOClass Manager (1 teacher, 3 students), a YEOLab app designed to make your life easier!


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NAO YEOClass manager: create unique educational content for your very own workshop

YEOClass Manager is a software solution developed to create educational workshops for learning programming with the NAO robot. This very comprehensive app is intended for teachers wanting to not only create their own educational content but also inject some life into their lessons using simple tools:

  • Coordinate your students’ activities and share files with them, as well as messages and questionnaires to monitor their progress
  • Bring your workshops to life by broadcasting multimedia content (videos, presentations, images, etc.)

YEOClass Manager for 3 students, 1 teacher: NAO education on a human scale

With the 3 students, 1 teacher version of your NAO app, you can perform a wide variety of tasks and organise lots of activities with a group of 3 students. You’ll notably be able to monitor your students’ work, support them step by step as they learn more about NAO, and show off their work by sharing it. As for your students, they have access to some unique educational content, including exercises, lessons and presentations, and can also take notes.

Technical specifications of YEOClass Manager

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