Box of 4 Ozobot Markers

Box of 4 Ozobot Markers

Ozobot | A-000000-02479

You can also use your Ozobot educational robot as a means of giving free rein to your artistic talent! If you want proof, simply try these Ozobot Markers, designed to create paths and mazes that your Ozobot will be more than happy to follow.

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Size Chart

Markers for customised Ozobot Bit challenges

Ozobot has more than one trick up its sleeve! Not only is it educational, fun and programmable to the extreme thanks to its OzoCodes and OzoBlockly, but it’s also a line-following robot. Don’t waste your time looking for existing paths though, because with these Ozobot accessories you alone decide where your Bit robot is to go!

There are four colours, for drawing paths and mazes in addition to creating a multitude of tasks. Because when you use the Blockly programming environment, you can make your Ozobot change its behaviour each time its path changes colour.

Technical specifications of the Ozobot Markers

  • Washable markers for following lines
  • Black color set: 4 black Ozobot markers
  • 4 colors set: blue, green, red, black
  • From 3 years

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