Line Follower for GoPiGo

Line Follower for GoPiGo 3

Line Follower for GoPiGo
Dexter Industries | A-000000-02238
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Do you want to teach your GoPiGo robot how to follow a line-marked path, or would you like to organise races across your classroom or your garage? Grab some black and white adhesive tape, and the line follower for GoPiGo!

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Line Follower for GoPiGo: black and white are your robot’s favourite colours!

The line follower for GoPiGo can be assembled in a few minutes. Attach the spacers and the acrylic protector, and tighten the bolts, then mount the set onto your mobile robot. Connect the GoPiGo line-following module to the robocontroller using the included Grove electronic cable.

Refer to the instructions to program your favourite mobile robot to follow a line in Scratch or Python: it can now move along white lines on a black background or black lines on a white background!

A GoPiGo1/2-compatible robot

The line-following sensor module for GoPiGo works out of the box with GoPiGo2.

Technical specifications of the line follower for mobile robot

The kit includes:

  • 1 line-following sensor module
  • 2 hex spacers
  • 1 sensor cable
  • 2 round spacers
  • 1 acrylic protector
  • 2 long bolts
  • 2 short bolts

Resources for the sensor for GoPiGo robot

Check out below the full documentation for assembling and programming your line follower for GoPiGo:

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