Carte 1Sheeld+ pour Arduino
Carte 1Sheeld+ pour Arduino
Carte 1Sheeld+ pour Arduino


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Turn your smartphone into no fewer than 40 different Arduino shields using a simple app. 1Sheeld is extremely easy-to-use and will open up a world of inventions!
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Arduino 1Sheeld+: 1 app, 40 shields!

This Arduino shield for smartphone may very well revolutionise your approach to electronic creation: it adapts to all 3.3V and 5V Arduino boards, and can be connected to other boards with a similar form factor. It communicates with your smartphone over Bluetooth Low Energy and UART (to download your programs), and is fully open-source and compatible with the Arduino IDE.

Nothing could be simpler than working this shield: connect your 1Sheeld+ to your Arduino board, then plug the Arduino to your PC using a USB cable. Download the 1Sheeld+ app on your smartphone or iPhone, download the 1Sheeld+ library on your computer, and off you go! You get a full set of 40 different shields, all available from your smartphone, and you also benefit from voice recognition, movement detection and GPS navigation capabilities. In short, no time to get bored!

Dozens of creation possibilities

You can choose to test the examples provided in your 1Sheeld+ code library or start building a project from scratch, and the possibilities are endless: a DIY GPS system, a babyphone, a remote for mobile robot, a video surveillance system, a weather station... Everything being controllable via your phone with a minimum of equipment. This shield for smartphone with its embedded sensors has limitless capacity for innovation!

Technical specifications of the 1Sheeld+

  • 1Sheeld+ uses a standard HM-10 BLE 4.0 adaptor
  • Range: up to 9.14 m
  • Communication via UART
  • Operating frequency: 7.37 MHz
  • 100% open-source
  • Compatible with most Arduino boards or equivalent (3.3 and 5V)
  • Compatible with iOS v9.0 and above
  • Compatible with Android v4.3 and above

Resources for the Arduino 1Sheeld+ shield

Eager to get started with the 1Sheeld+? Just follow the guide!


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