Infrared Remote Control (GoPiGo and GrovePi compatible)

Infrared Remote Control (GoPiGo 3 and GrovePi 3 compatible)

Infrared Remote Control (GoPiGo and GrovePi compatible)
Dexter Industries | A-000000-02870
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Your GoPiGo or GrovePi robot will do exactly what you tell it to thanks to this compatible infrared remote control!

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GoPiGo/GrovePi infrared remote control: steer and control your favourite robots!

The GrovePi infrared remote control includes a 10-digit number pad, * and # keys, and directional keys – left, right, up, down, ok – so you can set up lots of commands to rapidly transmit your orders to your Raspberry Pi robots. It can receive signals from a compatible IT emitter well within 10 metres.

Technical specifications of the GrovePi/GoPiGo remote control

  • Weight: 453g
  • Dimensions: 86.3 × 60.9 × 10.1 mm
  • Reach: max. 10m
  • GoPiGo and GrovePi compatible
  • You need the infrared receiver to use the remote control

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