Bare Conductive Electric Paint (50 ml pot)

Bare Conductive Electric Paint (50 ml pot)

Bare Conductive Electric Paint (50 ml pot)
Bare Conductive | A-000000-02891
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The Bare Conductive electric paint offers many creation possibilities to artists, designers, researchers or electronics enthusiasts: you just need a brush and some water to invent new circuits and electronic components!

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Bare Conductive black electric paint: simply the best to unleash your imagination

Imagine that you could create exactly the circuits that you need in a stroke of your brush! The electric paint developed by Bare Conductive conducts electricity at a 55 Ohm resistivity on any surface: a sheet of paper, plaster walls, a piece of cardboard or wood... It all works!

It’s up to you now to design the adequate stencil or the objects to be painted beforehand. You may fix your work once it’s finished using acrylic paint or varnish: in good conditions, the painting will last for years. Is there something you don’t like in the circuit you’ve drawn? A little soap and water, and you’re ready to start over!

Bare Conductive Electric Paint

Conductive paint for electronic circuits: thousands of projects within your reach

Whether you prefer to use a stencil or draw your creation freehand directly on its support, there’s nothing you can’t do: Raspberry Pi and Arduino compatible, this paint works with many electronic components. You can thus carry out a great variety of projects: home automation, music instruments, DIY electronics, wearables, proximity sensors, leak detectors...

A few precautions for use: store the paint in a dry place and do not use it more than 6 months after opening the pot. Follow the instructions provided with your battery and do not use power sources exceeding 12V or 50 mA. We recommend not to leave children under the age of 14 paint without the adequate supervision of an adult.

Technical specifications of the conductive paint

  • Made in the United Kingdom
  • Dimensions: 46 × 76 × 76 mm
  • Weight: 141 g
  • From 14 years
  • Colour: black
  • Density: 1,16 g/ml
  • Non-toxic and solvent free
  • Water soluble
  • Screen-printing: up to 0.8 m²
  • Drying time: 10-15 minutes at room temperature
  • Adheres well to paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, glass, plaster, certain rubbers, e-textiles, etc.
  • Surface resistivity: +/-55 Ohms/sq on a 55 micron thick layer
  • Max. supply current: 12 Vdc/ 50 mA

Resources for the black conductive paint

All you need to know before using the Bare Conductive electric paint is right below!

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12-14 years
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