CAN-BUS Shield V2 for Arduino and LinkIt One

CAN-BUS Shield V2 for Arduino and LinkIt One

CAN-BUS Shield V2 for Arduino and LinkIt One
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The CAN-BUS shield V2 is making a name for itself as a must-have tool for all your hacking and electronic diagnosis operations. This version has been fully redesigned by Seeed Studio.

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CAN-BUS Shield: a two-class shield!

With a CAN-BUS shield, you can connect various sensors, evaluators and other modules without using lots of cables thanks to the multiplexing technology. It is most useful as an automotive diagnostic bus.

The CAN-BUS shield features an MCP2515 CAN-BUS controller and an MCP2551 CAN transceiver. As the controller is equipped with a SPI interface, the shield gives you Arduino, Seeeduino and LinkIt One full capability.

A carefully designed V2 for this Arduino CAN-BUS shield

The previous versions of the CAN-BUS shield, the V1.0 and V1.2, were widely liked by our users. In order to make it better, Seeed Studio conducted a survey among their users. The V2 is an update taking the feedback they received into account, featuring notably the addition of a TF card slot (for data storage). The pin set-up has also been improved for better connectivity and simpler use of the module.

Technical specifications of the Arduino CAN-BUS V2.0 shield

  • Dimensions: 74.8 × 53.4 × 27.1 mm
  • Gross weight: 49 g
  • Battery not supplied
  • CAN-BUS MCP2515 controller
  • CAN MCP2551 transceiver
  • Implements CAN V2.0B communication at up to 1 MB/s
  • Industrial standard 9 pin sub-D connector
  • OBD-II and CAN standard pinout selectable
  • Changeable chip select pin
  • Changeable INT pin
  • Screw terminal that easily to connect CAN_H and CAN_L
  • 2 Grove connectors (I2C and UART)
  • SPI interface up to 10 MHz
  • Standard (11 bit) and extended (29 bit) data and remote frames
  • 2 receive buffers with prioritized message storage
  • Default OBD pinout: OBD-II standard
  • Compatible CAN standard pinout
  • INT pin: D2 or D3
  • CS pin for TF card slot: D4 or D5
  • P1 pad at the back of the shield
  • Serial Grove connector: A0/A1
  • I2C Grove connector: SDA/SCL
  • Horizontal Grove orientation
  • Arduino UNO (ATmega328), Arduino Mega (ATmega1280/2560), Arduino Leonardo (ATmega32U4) and LinkIt One compatible

Resources for the CAN-BUS Seeeduino shield

Your CAN-BUS shield V2.0 can be used in many ways, and we’ve grouped together everything you’ll need to make the best use of it!

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