micro:bit Go Bundle
micro:bit Go Bundle
micro:bit Go Bundle

micro:bit Go Bundle

BBC | A-000000-02917

The micro:bit Go Bundle base kit is the perfect solution for launching various fun and educational projects using the micro:bit. Your pupils will be the envy of their friends!

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micro:bit Go Bundle: getting started the right way with the micro:bit

On top of a BBC micro:bit programming board integrating a full array of sensors and functions, this electronics set includes all you need to get hooked up and powered: a micro USB cable and 2 AAA (LR03) batteries.

Also inside the Go Bundle you will find a complete guide to get you started with micro:bit, with four unique ideas for the classroom. Also check out our resources to discover tutorials and essential documents.

What kinds of project are possible with the micro:bit?

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer (roughly half the size of a credit card) that packs all the features needed for learning how to program: a single CPU, enough Flash and RAM memory to store all the useful data, and various sensors to create whatever inspires you, like a weather station, a mini video game, a light or motion sensor... And to make life even simpler, the micro:bit team has supplied an intuitive mobile app that lets you send your code to your micro:bit remotely using the integrated Bluetooth LE antenna.

Technical specifications of the DEV-14336 set for micro:bit board


  • 1 micro:bit board:
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor
    • Flash memory: 256 KB
    • RAM: 16 KB
    • 5x5 red LED array
    • 2 programmable buttons
    • Built-in sensors: light, compass, accelerometer and temperature
    • Bluetooth Low Energy smart antenna
    • 3 ring connectors for digital/analogue I/O
    • 2 ring connectors for power (3V) and ground
    • 20-pin edge connector
    • Micro-USB connector
    • JST-PH battery connector (not JST-XH)
    • Reset button with status LED
  • 1 micro-USB 15.24 cm cable
  • 1 holder for 2 AAA batteries
  • 2 AAA batteries

Resources for the DEV-14336 kit

We’ve compiled below all the must-have resources for the micro:bit Go Bundle!


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