Convertisseur abaisseur de tension ajustable (1.0V - 17V&1.8A)

Adjustable Step-Down Converter (1.0V–17V&1.8A)

Seeed Studio | A-000000-02909

Adjust the voltage as you see fit with this step-down converter, while maintaining a constant output voltage.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

Adjustable Step-Down Converter (1.0V–17V&1.8A): stable and efficient

This step-down converter, from Seeed Studio, is based on the MP2307 circuit. It converts input voltage between 4.5 and 23 Vdc into a smaller voltage between 1 and 17 Vdc, and is capable of driving a 1.8A load with peaks measured at 3A.

A few precautions for use

For the step-down converter to work correctly, the input voltage must always be 1.5V higher than the desired output. A current limit has been set internally in case the input is inferior to the desired output.

Technical specifications of the 106990007 step-down converter

  • Input voltage: 4.5-23 Vdc
  • Output voltage: 1-17 Vdc
  • Continuous output current: 1.8 A max.
  • Peak output current: 3A
  • Max. efficiency: 95 %
  • Output ripple: < 30 mV
  • Switching frequency: 340 kHz
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +85°C
  • Dimensions: 17 × 11 × 3.8 mm

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