Ozobot Evo
Ozobot Evo
Ozobot Evo

Ozobot Evo

Ozobot | A-000000-02995
Discover our favourite educational robot! Ozobot Evo is a small mobile robot capable of recognising colours, following lines, avoiding obstacles... And turning you into a programming addict!
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Ozobot Evo: the micro-robot you won’t be able to live without

Ozobot Evo is a (really) small robot, the size of your thumb! It’s designed for learning robotics and programming the fun way. It’s tiny and will remind you of the friendly-looking R2D2, yet it’s packed with premium features and electronic items: infrared sensors, optical sensors, LEDs, speaker... Not to mention the powerful Bluetooth module to communicate with the Ozobot within a 9 m range!

To make up for its adventurous edge, its hardware specs are flawless: the upper and lower shells made of polycarbonate efficiently protect this little ball of motors, microcontrollers, sensors and other essential modules.


Programmable using Blockly

Like any educational robot worthy of the name, Ozobot Evo comes with an exclusive programming software, OzoBlockly. This visual programming editor focuses on dragging and dropping colourful blocks. With OzoBlockly, you can fully configure all your Ozobot’s features: line following, colour code recognition, smart navigation, speaker sounds, LED lights, and so on...

An Android/iOS app gives you access to a collection of games to fully control your Ozobot’s movement and behaviour, connect with friends and share your latest discoveries. Nothing can stop you from becoming a robotics whizz!

Technical specifications of the Ozobot Evo

  • Bluetooth® Smart connection > 9 m range
  • Proximity sensors for detecting traps and obstacles 
  • Optical sensors for detecting lines and LED coloured lights
  • Built-in speaker
  • Strong polycarbonate shell
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Regular app updates with new features and games
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery (charge time: 1 h)
  • Visual programming editor: OzoBlockly

The Ozobot Evo kit includes:

Resources for the Ozobot Evo

Specific References


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