GoPiGo/BrickPi/GrovePi Compatible Light and Colour Sensor

GoPiGo 3/BrickPi 3/GrovePi Compatible Light and Colour Sensor

Dexter Industries | A-000000-02907

Let your GoPiGo robot see in Technicolor: this light and RGB colour sensor attached to your Raspberry Pi robot simply and effectively!

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Size Chart

GoPiGo light and colour sensor: an eagle eye for your robot

This GoPigo sensor can read all visible colours in the entire light spectrum and all light intensities. It comes with a Grove cable to plug the module into your Raspberry Pi.

A GoPiGo sensor fit for many uses

Programmable in Python, Scratch and Bloxter, this GoPiGo sensor can easily be used in a classroom for completing various projects: a robot that enters the room when the light is turned on, a vehicle that’s capable of following a coloured object... You can even pair it with the GoPiGo humidity and temperature sensor to create a weather station.

Technical specifications of the light and colour sensor for GoPiGo robot

  • GoPiGo, GrovePi and BrickPi compatible
  • Grove cable supplied
  • Visibility: all visible colours and light intensities
  • Programming languages: Python, Scratch, Bloxter


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