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GeekBot Arduino Compatible Mobile Robot

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The GeekBot Arduino compatible mobile robot offers you a unique opportunity to create your dream vehicle: you can customise it at will and make the most of the Arduino environment to perfect your creation! DISCONTINUED.

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Size Chart
Size Chart

GeekBot: a mobile platform you can drive with or without load

First and foremost, the GeekBot is a robotics platform equipped with 2 RG-4C continuous turn servos offering a no-load speed of 110 RPM, so that it can move fast at up to 0.4 Mps. Controlled by PWM, GeekBot has a strong payload capability of up to 1 kg. With its 2 plates, it can easily carry items from one room to another, and will perform more than one good deed!

Of course, this mobile robot brings other benefits. With the GeekBot platform, you’ll dive into the world of Arduino and modular robotics.

A very resourceful Arduino mobile robot

As you’ll have gathered, GeekBot is a fully-fledged Arduino robot, ensuring 100% software and hardware compatibility. At the heart of the GeekBot rover is the Geekduino microcontroller which, along with the RobotGeek sensor shield, allows the robot to be compatible with the whole Arduino ecosystem of products: codes, modules, sensors... All within your reach.
To top it all, GeekBot is making a name for itself as a highly customisable robot: GoPro camera mount, beaker holders... It also provides numerous connection possibilities for your future acquisitions: line-following module, LCD monitor, temperature or humidity sensor, and so on. 

The Arduino robot GeekBot in action


Technical specifications of the GeekBot Arduino robot

  • Weight: 771 g / 1.04 kg with battery
  • Diameter: 266.7 mm
  • Height: 133.3 mm
  • Supply: Lithium-Ion battery 7.4V 2200 mAh (2S2P)
  • 2 RG-4C continuous turn servos:
  • Acrylic body

Technical specifications of the RG-4C servo

  • Operating voltage: 6 V
  • No-load speed: 110 RPM
  • Starting torque: 4.5 kg.cm
  • Operating angle: continuous turn
  • Weight: 60 g
  • Size: 30 × 45 × 51 mm
  • Starting current: 1000 mA
  • Current (standby/unloaded): 150 mA
  • Control protocol: PWM
  • Cable length: 270 mm
  • Plastic body and metal gears

Resources for the GeekBot Arduino robot

Here’s a foretaste of what you can expect with GeekBot: check out these guides, tutorials and video!

Demo codes