micro:bot Kit

micro:bot Kit

micro:bot Kit
SparkFun | A-000000-02878
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The BBC micro:bit board can teach you a lot about robotics, as proven by this micro:bot kit designed by SparkFun!

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micro:bot kit for micro:bit: everything you’ll need to build your first Microbit robot!

SparkFun’s micro:bot kit includes all the essential elements needed for building your first robot: a chassis, 2 wheels, actuators and servos, and line-following modules. You’ll get a robot that’s autonomous enough to follow a line-marked path!

This kit requires a moto:bit board, a must-have electronic component for programming with the micro:bit. Please note that you’ll have to buy the micro:bit board separately (it’s also for sale on our site).

A micro:bit kit to learn how to program

With the micro:bot kit, you’ll get free access to all the documentation published online by SparkFun and micro:bit. As they aim at allowing more people to learn about electronics, robotics and coding, they also offer a complete set of tutorials for teaching you how to control your robot, configure a line-following module, use an accelerometer, and much more!

Thanks to micro:bot programming guide, you’ll also discover how to code in Python and JavaScript: no more excuses for not trying!

Technical specifications of the robotics kit for micro:bit

micro:bit board not included

  • The micro:bot kit includes:
  • 1 SparkFun moto:bit board
  • 1 Shadow chassis
  • 3 SparkFun RedBot line-following modules
  • 2 Sub-Micro servos
  • 2 leisure gear motors
  • 2 65 mm wheels with rubber tires
  • 3 jumper wires, 3 pins, 15.24 cm

Resources for the micro:bot kit

We’ve gathered all the open-source links you may need to start building your first robot with micro:bot:

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