6WD Mini Mantis™ mobile robot

6WD Mini Mantis™ mobile robot

6WD Mini Mantis™ mobile robot
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The 6WD Mini Mantis for outdoor robots provides a rigid backbone with endless customisation options, making it easy to bolt Actobotics components directly to the chassis of the rover. Another adventure begins!

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6WD Mini Mantis: a mini rover designed for outdoor use

The 6WD Mini Mantis robotics chassis consists in 6 independent wheels with powerful aluminium suspensions and gear motors generating plenty of torque to cope with the toughest obstacles. The various structural parts in aluminium make it a high-strength, sturdy chassis, no matter the obstacles. The robot wheels are driven using hex adaptors to ensure a solid, no slip connection.

The kit includes everything you’ll need to start assembling your rover, except for a few tools that we’ve listed below for your convenience.

Put in little Actobotics in your robotics chassis

This 6-wheeled chassis makes it easy to mount any Actobotics components you may need to improve your robot: boost the autonomy, optimise the structure, and connect all the electronic parts that can make the difference in a harsh environment.

You can also order the 4WD Mantis and the 6WD Mantis chassis from our site.

Technical specifications of the 6WD Mini Mantis rover

Assembly requires:

  • 1 x #1 Phillips screwdriver
  • 1 x 5/16” wrench
  • 1 x 3/32” hex key
  • 1 x 7/64” hex key
  • 1 x 9/64” hex key
  • Pliers


  • 6 black robot wheels
  • 8 type A stainless steel mounts (2x4)
  • 6 x 12 mm type D hex wheel adapters, 4 mm bore
  • 6 acetyl motor mounts
  • 2 x 342 mm mounts
  • 30 type D 90° dual mounts
  • 6 x 130 mm aluminium robot shock absorbers
  • 24 x 97 mm aluminium beams (11 holes)
  • 6 x 109 mm off-road tires
  • 6 x 6-32 aluminium standoffs, 9.5 x 6.3 mm
  • 8 plastic grommets
  • 6 x 485 rpm Econ gear motors
  • 52 x 6.3 mm zinc plated alloy steel socket head cap screws
  • 12 x 9.5 mm zinc plated alloy steel socket head cap screws
  • 6 x 14.2 mm zinc plated alloy steel socket head cap screws
  • 48 x 22.2 mm zinc plated alloy steel socket head cap screws
  • 48 x 6-32 locknuts
  • 12 x #6 washers
  • 96 x #6 standard washers
  • 54 x #6 lock washers
  • 6 Econ gear motor endcaps
  • 12 M3 x 8 mm long flat head Phillips screws
  • 24 x 6-32 6.3 mm long flat head Phillips screws
  • Motor specifications:
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Operating voltage range: 6-18V
  • No-load speed: 485 rpm
  • No-load current: 0.10A
  • Blocking current: 3.8A
  • Stall torque: 7,65 kgf-cm
  • Reduction ratio: 20:1
  • Metal gear
  • Gearbox type: straight cut spur
  • Motor type: DC
  • Output shaft diameter: 4 mm
  • Output shaft style: D
  • Output shaft support: bushing
  • Electrical connection: male spade terminal
  • Operating temperature: -10°C ~ +60°C
  • Mounting screw size: 3 mm
  • Weight: 86.46 kg

Resources for the 6WD Mini Mantis chassis

A few tens of parts are included in the kit, so check out the resources below to start mounting your 6WD Mantis chassis the right way!

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