FTC Competition Kit

FTC Competition Kit

FTC Competition Kit
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FTC Competition Kit: truly worthy of the competition

The FTC Competition Kit couldn’t be more appropriately named – it contains a thoroughly comprehensive collection of Actobotics structural parts and electronic components. There are 1,251 components in all, from aluminium parts in various sizes to the renowned Hitec servo motors. You’ll find everything you need in this set to build the robot of your dreams from A to Z and take part in the national FIRST Tech Challenge robotics contest.

Make space for storing and sorting your screws, adjustment parts, brackets, screws and washers, as well as your batteries and mounts. All these Actobotics components are compatible with each other and have been designed to ensure even your most daring creations are both strong and robust. Each part is manufactured with surgical precision to limit friction effects and optimise the resistance of the entire structure, even if you’re planning to build a combat or off-road robot. In short, it promises beautiful results for the most demanding robotics engineers.

A FIRST Tech Challenge kit, an infinity of possibilities

The greatest competitors are recognised for their creativity – which is why we let you choose between 2 versions of the excellent AndyMark NeveRest motor offering different technical features: the NeveRest 60 gear motor with 60:1 reduction and encoder, or the NeveRest 40 which has a reduction ratio of 40:1. Both motors are available on our site and can be added to your order in addition to the Hitec servos and the HSR-1425CR continuous rotation servo. If you buy the Neverest motors with the FTC Competition Kit, we offer you a 30% discount on these motors.

Technical specifications of the FIRST Tech Challenge Kit

Resources for the FTC Kit

Each of the components in your FIRST Tech Challenge Kit is described in detail in this dedicated folder – so unzip it now!

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