Half-Pint Runt Rover™ robotics chassis

Half-Pint Runt Rover™ robotics chassis

Half-Pint Runt Rover™ robotics chassis
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The Half-Pint Runt Rover™ robotics chassis is designed for both budding robotics engineers and seasoned enthusiasts, in a classroom or at home. Assemble it in the blink of an eye and give free rein to your imagination!

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Half-Pint Runt Rover™ chassis for 4-wheeled robots: snap it together and roll!

This robotics chassis is made of 6 plates, a few snap-mounts, and 4 pre-wired motors with their compatible wheels. This kit is affordable and simple to use, only requiring a Phillips head screwdriver for assembling your motors. The electronics mounts and chassis components in ABS plastic just snap into place. Watch the video in the Resources section, and you’ll see that it’s really child’s play!

An Arduino, Raspberry Pi, SparkFun Redboard chassis... As you see fit!

You’ve decided to assemble your first Raspberry Pi or Arduino robotics chassis? The Half-Pint Runt Rover is an educational robot that’s ideal for learning how to build a robotics chassis on SparkFun RedBoard, Arduino Mega or Uno, or Raspberry Pi. With this chassis, you’ll have enough storage space for batteries, the microcontroller of your choice and other electronic components to turn your 4-wheeled robot into an autonomous navigation champion, a connected car or an advanced recognition vehicle!

Technical specifications of the Half-Pint Runt Rover™ chassis

Requires (not included):

  • 1 Phillips screwdriver

The kit includes:

  • 4 x 64.7 mm wheels
  • 4 x 140 rpm pre-wired motors
  • 1 bottom chassis plate
  • 1 top chassis plate
  • 2 side chassis plate
  • 2 electronics snap-mounts
  • 1 front hub plate
  • 1 back hub plate
  • 1 electronics shelf
  • 8 bolts and 8 nuts
  • Motor specifications:
  • Recommended voltage: 4.5 Vdc
  • No-load speed: 140 rpm
  • No-load current: 190 mA
  • Max. load current: 250 mA
  • Torque: 800 gf-cm
  • Total weight: 576 g

Resources for the Half-Pint Runt Rover™ educational robot

Watch this video to assemble your Half-Pint Runt Rover™ kit even more easily, and check out every detail in 3D.

3D view of the Half-Pint Runt Rover™ educational robot

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