Junior Runt Rover

Junior Runt Rover™ robotics chassis

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The Junior Runt Rover™ robotics chassis kit adapts just as well to use in a classroom environment as in a research lab by expert robotics engineers. And thanks to the Actobotics components it is also extremely modular!

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Junior Runt Rover™ robotics chassis: a kit for teaching, inventing, or simply having fun

Junior Runt Rover™ is an educational robot with four press-fit wheels and four 140 rpm motors that come pre-wired so you can assemble the kit more easily. The chassis plates clip together quite simply, and it has special mounts for your electronic components. This inexpensive robotics chassis is ideal for workshops teaching robotics or STEM, and because it’s very scalable it will appeal to amateurs and researchers alike. You can transform its chassis by adding new Actobotics parts, and attach the electronic modules of your choice to make it more responsive, more intelligent, more autonomous...

A robotics chassis for Arduino, SparkFun RedBoard or Raspberry Pi

The Junior Runt Rover™ has an inner compartment that will hold all the electronics you like, including the various microcontrollers available on the market. You can also give your Junior Runt Rover™ robotics chassis a boost with Raspberry Pi, and learn the basics of programming with an Arduino robotics chassis or a SparkFun RedBoard robotics chassis. You will find a project example in our resources section.

Technical specifications of the Junior Runt Rover™ kit

Kit includes:

  • 4 x 6.48 cm press-fit wheels
  • 4 x 140 pre-wired motors
  • 1 bottom chassis plate
  • 1 top chassis plate
  • 2 side chassis plates
  • 2 electronics snap-mounts
  • 1 hub plate
  • 8 bolts, 8 nuts
  • Not included:
  • 1 x 4-cell AA battery tray
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Motor specifications:
  • Recommended voltage: 4.5 Vdc
  • No-load speed: 140 rpm
  • No-load current: 190 mA
  • Max. load current: 250 mA
  • Torque: 800 gf-cm
  • Total weight: 426 g

Resources for the Junior Runt Rover™ robot

Everything becomes much simpler when you have access to the right Junior Runt Rover™ robot information. It’s yours for the taking!


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