Châssis robotique Sprout Runt Rover™

Sprout Runt Rover™ robotics chassis

Châssis robotique Sprout Runt Rover™
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Sprout Runt Rover™: an inexpensive and easy-to-assemble robotics chassis!

Take a look at the video available in the resources and you’ll see, you’ll need just a few minutes and no tools to assemble your Sprout Runt Rover™ robotics chassis by ServoCity and the two wheels and motors that come with it. Sprout Runt Rover™ is a real educational robot, ideal not only for primary school pupils discovering programming, but also adults curious to try their hand at robotics at home. Don’t forget to invest in 4 AA batteries and a battery holder to power your new vehicle.

And if your kit seems a little too simple once assembled? There are numerous aluminium Actobotics structural components you can use to transform your peaceful little 2-wheeler into a tank, a crane with an articulated arm, or anything else you like!

A robot designed for electronics

The Sprout Runt Rover™ robot has a multi-board holder that clips onto the rest of the chassis, which allows you to simply snap on the microcontroller of your choice. In just a few seconds, you can therefore become the proud owner of a Raspberry Pi Sprout Runt Rover™ robotics chassis, an Arduino robotics chassis or even a SparkFun RedBoard robotics chassis. You can also install a motor or motion controller to refine your robot’s movements still further.

Technical specifications of the Sprout Runt Rover™ 2WD robotics chassis

The kit includes:

  • 2 x 64.7 mm press-fit wheels
  • 2 x 140 pre-wired motors
  • 1 bottom chassis plate
  • 1 top chassis plate
  • 2 side chassis plates
  • 2 electronics snap-mounts
  • 1 stabiliser plate
  • 2 hub plates
  • Required (not included):
  • 1 AA battery tray
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Motor specifications:
  • Recommended voltage: 4.5 Vdc
  • Weight: 240 g/motor
  • No-load speed: 140 rpm
  • No-load current: 190 mA
  • Max. load current: 250 mA
  • Torque: 800 gf-cm
  • Total weight: 240 g

Resources for the Sprout Runt Rover™ robot

Discover your Sprout Runt Rover™ robot close-up in this video, and get immediately started on your first project with the help of these essential links:

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