Adafruit Feather nRF52 Bluefruit LE - nRF52832

Adafruit Feather nRF52 Bluefruit LE - nRF52832

Adafruit Feather nRF52 Bluefruit LE - nRF52832
Adafruit Industries | A-000000-03057
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The Adafruit Bluefruit Feather is a miniature development board that includes a BLE module, USB port, battery connector and enough memory to let your imagination go wild!

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Bluefruit: a BLE module and development board combined!

The Adafruit Feather nRF52 Bluefruit LE development board allows you to create a Bluetooth-controlled electronic project on your smartphone or tablet. Ultra-lightweight, it is 100% compatible with the Arduino programming environment and can be used with all Adafruit Feather modules: datalogger, WiFi, radio, etc. The only exception is the Feather UART modules, for example the GPS module.

To make sure you’re able to develop any Bluetooth Low Energy project you might think of, the board includes a very comprehensive pinout (PWM, GPIO, analogue inputs, etc.), a bootloader with a reset function, a LiPo 3.7V battery connector and, of course, a USB port for programming on Arduino. There is also a free app (iOS and Android) you can use to control your BLE project, which includes a colour picker, directional pad, GPS, etc.

A new more economical, simpler and more powerful version!

The Adafruit Feather nRF52 Bluefruit LE board has twice as much SRAM and flash memory as the previous modules equipped with the nRF51 chip. The system is built around the nRF52832 chip, which can be programmed directly from the Arduino IDE like a microcontroller, which means even more energy savings for you.

Technical specifications of the Adafruit Feather nRF52 BLE board

  • Dimensions: 51 × 22.9 × 7.1 mm (without the headers)
  • Weight: 5.2 g
  • ARM Cortex M4F processor (with HW floating point acceleration) running at 64 MHz
  • Flash memory: 512 KB
  • SRAM: 64 KB
  • Built-in USB serial converter
  • 2.4 GHz BLE-compatible radio module
  • FCC/IC/TELEC certified module
  • Up to 4 dBm output power
  • Operating voltage: 1.7 to 3.3V with internal linear and DC/DC voltage regulators
  • 19 GPIO pins
  • 8 x 12-bit analogue-to-digital converter pins
  • Up to 12 PWM outputs (3 PWM modules with 4 outputs each)
  • 1 blinking red LED port on pin no. 17
  • 1 on/off pin
  • 4 mounting holes
  • 1 reset button
  • 1 optional SWD connector for debugging
  • Compatible with all Feather modules, except the UART modules (e.g. GPS FeatherWing)
  • LiPo battery and micro USB cable not included

Resources for the Bluefruit nRF52 development board

Have some time ahead of you and don’t know what to do? These various resources will keep you busy for a while!

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